“Let s Use Tradition and Modernity for Social Inclusion”

Branart Cultural Association implements between February, 1st, 2016 and July, 31st, 2016 the “Let’s Use Tradition and Modernity for Social Inclusion” project with no. reference 2015-3-RO01-KA105-022849, in partnership with Active Youth Association from Turkey, Positive Changes Association from Poland, Sega Association from Bulgaria and Prosvasi from Cyprus.

The project is financed by ANPCDEFP through the Erasmus+ program.

The youth exchange will take place in the city of Craiova between April 16-23, 2016, and 45 young people from the 5 countries will participate in it. The project’s activities will include: documentary visits, discovering traditional values ​​from the participating countries, nowadays design, organizing exhibitions, taking photos, creative workshops.

The objectives of the project are:

  • to develop the creative capacity of young people in the target group starting from traditional values, national and international symbols in the context of working in an intercultural environment with methods specific to non-formal education;
  • to facilitate the discovery of new cultures, customs and lifestyles;
  • to provide young people with an adequate framework and the necessary materials for initiation into the practice of traditional crafts;
  • to give leaders the chance to improve their ability to apply non-formal methods, manage international projects and respond to the specific needs of people with disabilities and disadvantaged backgrounds;
  • to strengthen the cooperation between the 5 organizations participating in the project so that, working together, they can offer quality programs and activities to young people in the local communities where they operate;
  • to offer young people in the target group the opportunity to discover four areas of design application (stationery, landscaping, clothing and accessories design) and to experience work in these areas to help them in their professional orientation

Selection criteria:

  • a young person with hearing impairment;
  • young people suffering from mild diseases such as diabetes or mild disabilities (which still allow them to use their hands for manual activities);
  • young people with parents working abroad;
  • young people from rural areas;
  • young orphans;
  • young people facing economic difficulties;

This project is financed with the support of the European Commission. This communication reflects only the point of view of the author and the Commission is not responsible for the eventual use of the information it contains.

Project coordinator: Cristina Manea

President of Branart Cultural Association: Ana-Maria Dragoi