If you are young and you want to broaden your horizons, to know other cultures and civilizations, to learn foreign languages, to get involved in your community, we are the solution for you!

Branart Cultural Association was established in 2010 in Craiova, Romania.

We have experience in the implementation of European projects and trained staff on different specializations. Our organization has achieved more youth exchanges and trainings in the framework of which we formed a total of 300 young people and youth workers from Romania and from the partner countries, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Cyprus, etc. These young people have disseminated  information acquired in the international projects in their communities.

Our organization carried out several trainings for youth workers such as “Social Inclusion Can Unite Us”, within which our trainers have promoted social inclusion in Roma communities, people with disabilities and minors from prison. Our organization has implemented the youth exchange “Help You, Help Me – Your Health is My Health”, within which the young people learned and shared positive experiences about healthy eating habits.

Our institution also implemented training courses for adults within the Grundtvig program through which it promoted healthy lifestyle combating school dropout and working with illiterate adults: “Le bien manger est un devoir” and “How to Read, Write and Resolve”.

Our organization has experience in activities with young people because the members of our organization are trainers, teachers and psycho-pedagogical counselors from schools from Dolj county.

Our organization has permanent partnerships with local institutions such as the National Economic College “Gheorghe Chitu”, Constantin Brancusi Technical High-School, Henri Coanda Theoretical High School, The National College ”Stefan Velovan”.

Within these institutions, our organization proposes different extracurricular activities through which it stimulates its young people to participate in cultural events through which we promote intercultural dialogue and European principles, the exchange of ideas and experiences with other European countries and not only. Our organization is involved annually in carrying out intercultural activities on the occasion of the European Day of  Languages, Francophonie Days, Europe Day. On these occasions, young people from the local communities share creative and artistic experiences with young people belonging to partner organizations.

Branart Cultural Association has carried out youth exchanges, trainings for youth workers and trainings for adults, as well as various activities and events in which he promoted the following objectives: initiation and promotion of youth values, encouraging young people to participate in creative and instructive activities, facilitating relationships between institutions and youth in order to ensure the opportunity to inform them, to make young people aware of their role in society, actions for training and informing young people, supporting disadvantaged social categories through specific means of the organization/discriminated people from the target group.

At the same time, our organization has been partner in several international projects with the theme of youth inclusion, non-discrimination and the empowerment of young people: “TC- antidiscrimination” and “More Possibilities for Future” in Turkey, “Bingoes”, “Visiontree”, “Metropolis”, “Between Nature and Culture”, in Germany, etc. Both our trainers and the young people that were trained in national and international projects have experience in organizing and implementing activities and youth projects.