“Social Inclusion can unite us”


  • Active Youth Association – Turkey
  • HeLp- House of Education and Life Promoters – Poland
  • STEP – Society for territorial progress – Slovakia

The project title is “Social Inclusion can unite us” and will take place over a period of 7 months and the training course will be held for 10 days from 15 to 24 June 2012 in the city of Craiova, Romania.

The project aims to develop the theme of social inclusion, with the participation of five partner organizations from Italy, Turkey, Slovakia, Romania and Poland. The functions of the TC are creating and maintaining cooperation of the ONG representants related to the social inclusion, developing and implementing activities and projects on the social  inclusion subjects, establishing mechanisms for project assessment and recommendation, evaluating the results of the project and their impact on the participants. The activities include workshops with the aim to social inclusion and the UE principles: solidarity, respect and tolerance, cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. The methodology used includes social games, role playing, theater forum, documentation visit, research-action-training method, personal presentations, energizers.

The project promote mutual understanding in which there shall be no distinction of race, nationality, color, religion, sex, class or political opinions. The activities purpose is to bring together social, educational and cultural objectives, to create opportunities for social interaction, to develop opportunities for personal development, to improve relationships, to experience culture and non-formal education, to develop social skills and to learn new skills for the participants as direct beneficiary and for the local communities from the 5 countries as indirect beneficiary.

More informations about the project Here