Give me back my nature Turcia, Octombrie 2012

Çesme, Izmir, Turkey
14- 22  October 2012


Youth Exchange Project



Our Project aims to gain awarenness about climate change and global warming topics. Youngsters will gain awareness by using theatre and drama techniques. Also this Project aims to reduce prejudice & stereotypes understandings and will try to create positive effect about new and different cultures.



. Performance activities, Recycling, using water and drama & theatrical workshops about environment. Participants will present their Works to other participants like a show.

. Learning from each other activities, Youngsters will make a research about “global warming and measures of their countries about global warming” and they will evaluate with other participants during the Project. Again during the Project participants will make group work about “human being effect on global warming” theme. By working on this topic they will find a chance to discuss and share many different ideas with each other.


. Intercultural learning activities, Youngsters will find a chance to know about different culltures by participating funny cultural activities in this project. Each night of the Project there will be cultural night for each country. Participants will create presentation for introducing their nations
and regions.With these visual components there will be dance, music and traditional foods. Beside cultural nights there will be intercultural learning activities in this Project. On these games participants will find a chance about learning other participant’s cultural reflections and they will gain positive emotions & tolerance fort he other cultures.


. Other activities, During the Project there will be energizers, getting to know each other games, evaluation activities, presentation about Youth in Action program, future planning and funny group activities.


Bulgaria : 4 youngsters + 1 leader

Romania : 4 youngsters + 1 leader

Italy : 4 youngsters + 1 leader

Turkey : 4 youngsters + 1 leader


5 Person from each country and age between 18-26 for youngsters.

No age limit for the group leaders. Totally 4 countries - 20 participants.



Exchange Dates:

 Arrival of participants : 15 October 2012

 Beginning of activities : 16 October 2012

 End of activities : 21 October 2012

 Departure of participants : 22 October 2012

We will stay at a hotel in Çesme, Izmir.


 Project language will be in English. Every country has materials that would reflect their own cultural properties in the preparation stage. Materials and documents need to compose of local music, dress, dance, cuisine and tradition will be brought together.

Each partner group will have a day which they will arrange the energizers, activities and reflection groups and these will be lead by the leader of that partner country. The countries will take the day of their cultural nights day.


It is very important to keep in touch with all the participants after the project. Communication details of all participants will be shared. Before the end of the project, ideas to improve the project collectively and individually will be discussed. A survey will be done for participants and leaders on the last day of the project. Thus we will be able to reach more detailed ideas. Every participant will receive a youthpass certificate.