Anti-discrimination and youth policies for youth NGO's, Turcia, Canakkale, 2012

08 – 15 May 2013
Çanakkale, Turkey

Main target of this project is to improve participants opinions and information about the project topic. We will focus on designing project for the NGO and Volunteer youth worker. This will help participants to improve their knowledge, to be more active on this field and individual improvement in civil society. For reaching our targets also we will focus on being more active with youth policies and fighting against discrimination.

According to these themes, during the Project, participants are going to make 5 different activities.
1. Workshops; According to a target, problem or suggestion there will be workshops. During the project this will be main activity of the project.
2. Intercultural learning events; our aim in this project to create positive approach for different cultures and to learn from other cultures. For that reason there will be intercultural learning activities.
3. Evaluation and future planning activities; At the end of the project there will be evaluation meeting. During the project sharing idea meeting will be realized for spreading the conclusion and how to use in the future. Participants will write a text for the future plans and common activities. Also there will be daily evaluations.
4. Other activities; Trip during the Project, there will be energizers afte rbreakfast and coffee breaks.